Go down flipping

October 31, 2007

“Patty Patty Buke Buke” takes a hard look at modern science:

Sad. Why, with all his honors, prestige and security, did Dr. Watson feel the necessity to apologize for what he wrote, said and believes? Why did he not play the man by flipping off the censors? If they were going to take away his chancellorship, why not go down fighting? In the England of Henry VIII, heretics were beheaded and their heads put on spikes. Many men, like Thomas More, did not recant.

From the time of Tiberius to the 17th century, men gave up their lives rather than renounce a belief in God. Others gave up their lives rather than renounce a disbelief in the Church. Why could Watson not stand up for his disbelief in the ideological myth of the inherent equality of all men, cultures, creeds and civilizations?

Atheists are unable to understand that they have no reason to stand for truth. In terms of individual survival, it is quite acceptable to lie – even when one knows the truth in order to maintain position or increase it just as Watson attempted to do.

If the man had any guts he should have made it known that he would continue the tour even if it was only on the street corner. It is quite possible that a great many people would show. If they did, then the media would quit gawking and remove themselves, for they too know nothing of truth.

As for whether he is right or wrong, even children can tell that we are not all made equal. Something scientists are too scared to admit.

A Good Name

October 30, 2007

Proverbs 22:1
A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold.

Those who call themselves Christians have once again tarnished the name of Christ by supporting endless war. Rather than support evil, they should have walked from the “lesser” of the two choices.

Conservative Christian writer Gary North estimates the number of Armageddonites at about 20 million. Many of them have an ecstatic belief in the cleansing power of apocalyptic violence. They are among the more than 30% of Americans who believe that the world is soon coming to an end. Armageddonites may be a minority of the evangelicals, but they have vocal leaders and control 2,000 mostly fundamentalist religious radio stations.

Based on this Biblical interpretation, the Armageddonites vehemently argue that America must protect Israel and encourage its settlements on the West Bank in order to help God fulfill His plans. The return of Jews to Palestine is central to the prophetic vision of the Armageddonites, who see it as a critical step toward the final battle, Armageddon, and the victory of the righteous over Satan’s minions. There are a couple internal inconsistencies with this prophecy, such as the presence of Christians already living in the Holy Land and the role of Jews in the final dispensation. In the first case, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and other Religious Right leaders tried to pretend that Christians already in the Holy Land simply didn’t exist. As for Jews, they needed to become “born again” Christians to avoid God’s wrath (or, according to some Armageddonites, a separate Jewish covenant with God will gain them a separate Paradise).

Christian support for war should never given lightly. If it is God’s plan that war take place over the world, then we can neither help or delay it.

I believe that history will look on us with the same disdain that we judge the European wars 3 centuries ago. Sure, they may not have been Christian wars, but Christians supported them and allowed them to happen.

Oneness does not need to be formulated since it a basically based on the simple principles of two scriptures: Deuteronomy 6:4 and 1 Timothy 3:16.

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.[1]
Or The Lord our God is one Lord; or The Lord is our God, the Lord is one; or The Lord is our God, the Lord alone
Deuteronomy 6:4

Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness: He was manifested in the flesh, vindicated by the Spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations, believed on in the world, taken up in glory.
1 Timothy 3:16

In Deut 6:4, all we are told is that the Lord is singular. At this point God has already appeared in many manifestations so they could have easily come to the conclusion that God exists distinctly as both a 1st and 2nd person. However, even with Genesis’ “Let us” verse the Israelites came to no such conclusion.

In 1 Tim 3:16, Paul explains to us that try as we might to understand how God does what he does we will fail for this mystery cannot be explained.

Simplicity is the key. The moment we try to develop any explanation of how God does what he does we are at a complete loss. Thus we find human ways in which to explain something we cannot.

Whenever we have to “infer” or “develop” any theory or piece together the word in order to make the idea of it coherent. The basis is simply “God is one”. It is not for us to understand how he could robe himself in flesh, speak through a dove or donkey, or even “inhabit” our hearts. At those questions lie mysteries to which we have no words to even formulate a description.

Trinity, on the other hands, requires us to infer, to develop, to constrain Biblical words in order explain that which we cannot explain. We stand up and applaud ourselves for our ingenuity: “Ah, God, we have figured you out. Now we understand that which was hidden from us. Now we are like you!”

It is with that arrogance we can see what lies at the very heart of Trinity – it is the same used by that Great Serpent and it is with that revelation that we see that the Trinity is a lie. We tell ourselves that we have figured it out when we have done no such thing.

Therefore, the Trinity is Man’s attempt to answer the unanswerable. It is an idea that Man has created and unlike God we cannot say “it is good”.

What do your tithes afford?

October 26, 2007

I had a chance to visit New York on someone else’s dime last year. I got out of a training session early and while wandering the streets I had happened to pass by Trinity Church. I’m not Catholic or Anglican, but I couldn’t resist seeing what I was missing out on.

I opened the large doors and walked inside. I was amazed. Churches simply aren’t constructed like this anymore. The church I attend was converted from a woman’s workout facility filled with low ceilings and poor lighting. The place I was now standing in was a wonder of structural design adorned with exquisitely carved statues and walls inlayed with delicate symbols which stirred the imagination.

Say what you will about the Catholic church, but they certainly knew how to construct a facility that grabbed the soul. One can begin to imagine how people could have followed those who were at the center of attention.

This has simply been lost on the modern church which may not necessarily be a bad thing. In today’s church we no longer get a sense of awe from the buildings. They all look the same with their white and tan walls, chairs instead of pews, no carvings, sparse decorations, and quite simply a lack of style.

Perhaps this helps to place the focus, on God, where it should be, but I miss the sense of awe that I felt in that place. It seems that the architects did their best to convey the glory of God through their work in order to impart some sense of the power and glory of heaven.

However, it might say more about us then it does about them.

Modern churches take up the homes of former basketball teams. One could argue that we are no longer separating ourselves from the world, but actually moving ourselves right into it – getting leftovers at that.

Ironically, the church building I attend is wildly expensive for what we get in return. Some might even say its shabby and confined. Any sense of awe will have to come not from the building, but a real relationship.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have both?

Falling Short

October 23, 2007

Tim says:

“Scripture clearly teaches progressive knowledge starting in the OT, becoming fuller in the NT (as such as Christ proved by his earthly teachings) concerning the things of God, not limited to the doctrine of the Trinity.”

Since the Trinity is a doctrine of man and not anywhere in the Bible, then we can clearly make an argument against it without even resorting to the Bible. It is a doctrine based on philosophy, not scripture.

However, the Trinity implies that God has given us full knowledge of Himself (since God can be no more and no fewer than 3 persons), but you also disagree with Trinity when you wrote “becoming fuller in the NT”. If it is “becoming fuller”, then it is incomplete. Therefore, we cannot claim to know whether God has revealed himself totally to us. Because, as you clearly admit, He has not.

The Trinity claims certainty where none exists. Just like evolution…

The Trinity doctrine: God is 3 in one. He is 3 distinct persons and no more. That God is 3 persons in one is a set law. God cannot be more persons and neither can he be less. Therefore, the Trinity doctrine is either badly flawed or totally incorrect.

For instance, we are never actually told what God is one of.

If he is human, in what way. We think of God in our own terms using our own definitions. We were created in the image of God, but an image does not reflect the complexity of the original.

In other words, someone can look at picture of me, but without knowing human biology, genetic sequences, brain functions, and all the rest that there is to know we are left with nothing but an image which tells us nothing more than what we can see from the outside.

Compound that with the fact that we are not even seeing a complete picture and we have even less.

In my case, if the picture only shows me from the front, then what does my back look like? Do I have a second or third hole back there? What if the picture is only me from the waist up?

Why can’t God be four persons much less two or one? Do we really believe that God has revealed Himself fully to us? No, all we can see is what has been revealed.

We have an incomplete picture of God and yet we attempt to paint one of completeness. We assume that God exists in the way we understand Him to exist.

In our arrogance we have claimed to figure out God when the only thing we can truly say without presuming to know more than we know is that God is one. Anything else is speculation and hubris.

This should be obvious and indeed it was. However, as philosophers and their philosophies entered the church they had to make some attempt at explaining everything. Eventually, their theories became doctrine.

By turning theory into fact, Trinitarians have done the same thing as Evolutionists.

Blow’em up

October 15, 2007

While I won’t stop playing violent video games he does have a point about using it to reach Sinnahs.

While I am personally okay with contemporary worship, I have recently gotten concerned about the church becoming too relevant, too seeker-friendly and too much like the secular world.

Mr. Proctor discusses some of the more outlandish ways churches are recruiting new people nowadays. The one that caught my eye was a church here in Metro Denver that I have attended on and off for several years. He refers to a New York Times article on the use of this Halo game to attract teenagers.

I watched a few Halo videos on YouTube. This is violent stuff! What is it doing in church? Christians are famous for crusading against excessive sex and violence in entertainment. They remind us time and again that life imitates art. (After Columbine — 10 miles from Colorado Community Church — much was made of the killers’ penchant for violent video games.) However, if violent material gets kids into church, who cares?

1 Cor 9:22
To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak; I have become all things to all men, so that I may by all means save some.

Which is why I now frequent strip clubs in order to win those young and misunderstood ladies…At some point we need to ask ourselves how far is too far. I’m not in the least bit surprised though. Its all part of the trend to raise attendance, build that church, and increasing the incoming funds so we can – um – reach more people to increase the incoming funds.

My pastor keeps telling my wife that he’s glad that she’ll be finished with college soon because finally someone in the family believes in tithing. I’ve taught my wife too well and she kindly reminds him that she must obey her husband.

Can this husband retain his role as Priest Daddy or will his pastor reign supreme. Tune in…