Go down flipping

October 31, 2007

“Patty Patty Buke Buke” takes a hard look at modern science:

Sad. Why, with all his honors, prestige and security, did Dr. Watson feel the necessity to apologize for what he wrote, said and believes? Why did he not play the man by flipping off the censors? If they were going to take away his chancellorship, why not go down fighting? In the England of Henry VIII, heretics were beheaded and their heads put on spikes. Many men, like Thomas More, did not recant.

From the time of Tiberius to the 17th century, men gave up their lives rather than renounce a belief in God. Others gave up their lives rather than renounce a disbelief in the Church. Why could Watson not stand up for his disbelief in the ideological myth of the inherent equality of all men, cultures, creeds and civilizations?

Atheists are unable to understand that they have no reason to stand for truth. In terms of individual survival, it is quite acceptable to lie – even when one knows the truth in order to maintain position or increase it just as Watson attempted to do.

If the man had any guts he should have made it known that he would continue the tour even if it was only on the street corner. It is quite possible that a great many people would show. If they did, then the media would quit gawking and remove themselves, for they too know nothing of truth.

As for whether he is right or wrong, even children can tell that we are not all made equal. Something scientists are too scared to admit.

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