AI in the Bible

December 17, 2007

This guy is either reading into certain Biblical passages way to much or is on to something:

The true meaning of the churches will come as a shock to many, especially to members of  the scientific community. As incredible as it may sound,  the message of the seven churches is a symbolic description of the principles that govern the operation of the brain! Each church represents a major cell assembly or subnetwork in the central nervous system, each with its own unique function and operating principle. The following table lists the corresponding function and cell assembly (or network) of each church

He’s also got something to say about Darwin as well:

Darwinian evolution is by necessity a blind incremental process. In other words, it does not anticipate. Most intelligence researchers (e.g., Rodney Brooks, director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab) base their work on evolutionarily plausible scenarios. In their view, intelligence evolved gradually over the years as new behaviors are built on top of previously evolved behaviors (this is the basis (PDF] of Brooks’ subsumption architecture). The end result, we are told, is that the more recent members of a species are smarter than their ancestors. But this overlooks an important consideration. Humans are born with almost no behavioral skills.

This is the kind of thinking I like: don’t presume that those before you were correct, use current knowledge in order to re-look at what we thought we knew, and just plain think outside the box.

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